An oral treatment that is not chemotherapy

NUBEQA is a prescription medication used to treat adults with prostate cancer:

  • that has not spread to other parts of the body and no longer responds to medical or surgical treatment that lowers testosterone (non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, or nmCRPC)
  • that has spread to other parts of the body and responds to medical or surgical treatment that lowers testosterone (metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, or mHSPC), in combination with chemotherapy (docetaxel)

It is not known if NUBEQA is safe and effective in women and children.

How NUBEQA works

Prostate cancer cells contain molecules called androgen receptors (ARs). When testosterone (a type of androgen hormone) attaches to one of these receptors, it causes cancer cells to grow.

NUBEQA is designed to block testosterone from attaching to androgen receptors to help delay cancer cells from growing.

Graphic of a prostate cell containing testosterone and androgen receptors

What is the NUBEQA combination?

If you have metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, your doctor may consider using a combination of treatments to treat your prostate cancer. The NUBEQA combination is an option they can consider.

Graphic of Nubeqa (darolutamide) combination therapy with hormone therapy and chemotherapy (docetaxel)

Talk to your doctor to learn more about what each treatment does and if the NUBEQA combination may be right for you.

*Hormone therapy includes drug treatments or surgery to lower testosterone.

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